Alice and Lulu’s is brought to you by two people obsessed with all things food.  Ciana is the food portion of the equation, Laura the wine and hospitality.  No matter how their skills may be divided, both are intensely committed to bringing people the best possible products and service.  

From cheese, to bread, to wine and all of the wonderful things in between, we seek out the best of the best, and when we can't find something suitable we make it ourselves, reworking the recipe until it's perfect.  We take pride in bringing you the best culinary experience we possibly can in a comfortable, inviting, relaxing atmosphere - whether that's sitting in our restaurant or next to the fire in your living room.  

Right about now you may be asking “What’s with the name?”  Well the answer is quite simple.  The love of food was bestowed on both of our owners through their families, passed down through French and Italian lineages with food at the center of their lives.  Committed to bringing their families together and providing them only the best, the strong matriarchs of these families instilled in this latest generation an intense respect and love for food.  It is after these women, Alice and Lucette, that they have chosen to name their restaurant.

Alice and Lulu's is committed to bringing you only the best products, sourced as locally as possible, wherever possible.   It is our belief that our future is right here, in our local economy and that it is our job to help the people who help us.  That said, we do also import a selection of products which are unavailable here in Maine.  We search far and wide for small purveyors who are doing something unique and delicious.  Wherever it comes from, you can rest assured that in this world of big box stores and multinational corporations, Alice and Lulu's is doing everything it can to put money back into the pockets of small business people everywhere. You can learn more about our purveyors here.