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Do you know who grew that?


Meet your Farmer

We do.

Here at A&L, we do everything we can to buy as much locally grown and raised product as possible.  When we have to go outside our home area, we do everything we can to source from small purveyors that are making only the best products.  Near or far, rest assured that all of our purveyors have the same high standards as we do for the things they produce and sell.

As we meet and begin working with new farms & purveyors we will post about them here! Check back often to see who's new, or meet the people that made last night's dinner!



Eat, Drink, Relax

At Alice and Lulu's Mountainside we strive to bring you the best eating and drinking experience we can in a relaxed atmosphere.  Enjoy good food and wine in an atmosphere conducive to conversation.  Consider us your social alternative to apres ski.


Great Food, sourced locally

Our team strives to bring you the best food we can grown and raised as close to home as possible. 

Our menu changes as frequently as the seasonal offerings of Mother Nature - please click below to see what's in season today!

Nothing we do would be possible without the farmers that we work with; click below to learn more about the people who make it all possible!


Impeccable Wine and Craft Cocktails

We have searched far and wide to bring you the best of the best.

See our wine, beer and cocktail lists here:

Meet the people who make it all here:



We want you to feel right at home here at A&L Mountainside!  We often feel overwhelmed by the loud, party atmosphere of many aprés ski events.  Not everyone wants blasting music and light beer.  To those of you who are looking for something a bit more refined: Welcome to our home.  At A&L we strive to bring you the feel of an alpine getaway, where you and your friends can share simple, delicious food and a great conversation in an warm and welcoming environment.  Stay a while, won't you?

Produce & Fresh Meats



Cold Spring Ranch

Meet Gabe and Molly Clark and their beautiful Girls!

On their Ranch in New Portland, ME, Gabe and Molly raise 100% grass fed beef that is GMO-free and certified to meet Global Animal Partnership animal welfare standards. They also raise a cross of heritage breed pigs for pastured pork. All of their animals are born, raised, and butchered in Maine. They sustainably manage over 600 acres of pastures, hayfields and woodlands in the mountains of Western Maine with the belief that healthy fields and forests provide abundant habitat for wildlife and the finest tasting meat. They offer beef and pork year round; processing animals weekly so that fresh product is always available. They hope you enjoy their meat as much as they enjoy raising it. You can read more about their operation here.

steelbow logo.png

The highest quality, Locally

From their “About us” :

Located along the Kennebec River in Norridgewock, Maine, Steelbow Farm grows fresh, nutritious vegetables of the highest quality.

We grow with community in mind. We believe that great food is an integral part of enduring relationships. Currently we cultivate two acres, intensively, organically, and sustainably. Our farming practices are intentional and deliberate. We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. We farm with the health of the soil in mind, adding organic matter via cover crops and compost. We avoid tilling, in order to keep microbial life thriving. Our hands are our most cherished tools. We have simple goals; feed good people good food and care for the land so it will be happy and healthy for generations to come.

Learn more about Steelbow here.


Pine Tree Poultry

Located in New Sharon, ME, Pine tree poultry raises all of our chicken products and Cornish hens. All of their animals are raised free-range, using sustainable practices, no antibiotics or hormones, and an all-vegetarian diet. You can learn more about Pine Tree Poultry here.

Charcuterie & Sausage



White’s Farm

Today, most commercial farmers raise pigs inside barns where they are fed grain and given antibiotics and hormones or drugs to speed growth. The pigs on White’s farm are raised outdoors. They roam and root on 120 acres of farm land without drugs, hormones or antibiotics. Their natural pork is much better tasting and better for your health. They make 5 different types of all natural, nitrate free salami by hand, themselves, with family recipes.The spices are 100% organic. If you are looking for local, New England authentic salami, this is it. Learn more about White’s Farm here.



asmallgood salami is wild fermented in small batches in mid coast Maine. Much like wine, their salami has a deep ‘taste of place’ and extraordinary flavor. They produce seasonally from native and local ingredients using hogs raised on living pasture and fed whole foods. Learn more about asmallgood here





Kennebec Cheesery

Meet Jean and Peter Koons! They handcraft small batch artisan cheese and yoghurt from their Alpine and Saanen goats and organic Jersery cows' milk from nearby Woodside farm. Their goats are raised on pasture and GMO free grain and their cheesery is solar-powered. They make a wide variety of fresh and aged cheeses that reflect their family roots, bringing pastoral skills and recipes from New Zealand to Maine at their family farm in Sidney. You can learn more about Kennebec Cheesery here.


Lakin’s Gorges Cheeses

Best known for her unique Basket Ricotta, Allison Lakin produces some excellent single-farm cow’s milk cheese! In her space on East Forty Farm in Waldoboro, Allison takes such great care with each variety of her products that it’s hard to believe she’s only been doing this 7 years! Learn more about her cheese here!

hahns cave.jpg

Hahn’s End

Debbie Hahn makes what is probably the best blue cheese I’ve ever had, right here in Maine (Phippsburg, to be exact).

Sandy Lang wrote about her for the Maine Mag several years ago:

“…I ask to see the cheese cave, and Debbie obliges, leading the way downstairs to a room with a concrete floor and one below-ground wall cut into the rock and ledge that she says helps keep the room naturally cool and the humidity at about 95 percent. Neatly arranged on racks, the 400 or so rounds weigh in at about ten pounds each and look like flour-dusted loaves of bread.

…I’m in luck, .... She cuts into a gorgeous, tall wedge of her Bleu Velvet that’s veined with inky streaks and tastes tangy and sharp, and is as rich as butter.

Debbie is humble about the wonderful cheese she makes. Instead, she’d rather talk of Maine’s impressive slow food movement, the diverse farmland climates from the ocean to the mountains, the new crop of enthusiastic young farmers, and the markets and restaurants that support local food”

Learn more about Hahn’s End here

Read more about Maine Cheese from Sandy Lang here

winter hill cows.jpg

Winter Hill Farm

Winter Hill Farm is a leader among Maine farms. While they will try to convince you that all they are is a small family run farm, they truly are much more. They are leaders in their community; committed to stewardship of their animals and the land, transparency and honesty about the food they produce, and the concept that community is the foundation of good food systems. The quality of their product speaks for itself, but take a look through their website for more information about their farm and their practices. We think you’ll be as impressed as we are.


3 Level Farm

3 level farm is a 145 acre, diversified organic farm in China, Maine producing fresh veggies, fruits, culinary herbs, eggs, goats and cheese! Learn more about them on their Facebook page!